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Base Building Works and End of Lease Requirements

Acton Building is experienced in base building requirements covering all sub-trades to provide a complete package to meet the client's design and specification brief. Office footprint alterations, partitioning, service changes and finish upgrades can all be carried out to suit your specific needs and personal style preferences.

End of lease make good can be carried out in a timely way to ensure minimised costs for tenants. We will work with you closely to meet your timeframes and agreed changes to make your change or exit from a tenancy as streamlined as possible.

Acton Building is your end of lease specialist

  • Tenancy upgrades
  • Tenancy split/space changes
  • End of lease, strip-back, and make good

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Acton Building has a strong workforce and work ethic. We have a commitment to ongoing training that includes continual support for apprenticeships, continual development for tradesmen and network support for contractors. All Acton-trained apprentices and tradesmen are multi-skilled and assessed on an ongoing basis for the highest standard of service delivery. Contractors are also assessed on an ongoing basis for their quality delivery and adherence to the client service requirements of Acton Building.